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Bron-y-Gader is owned by a charitable Trust - Blackburn & District Outdoor Pursuits Centre Trust.  In 1969 the Trust was formed by members of the Blackburn & District Duke of Edinburgh's Award Council for the purpose of helping and educating young people by their leisure activities so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

To support this mission, the Trust began a search for a property in the countryside to provide a space for young people to experience the outdoors. After a nationwide campaign Bron-y-Gader, a derelict farmhouse, was found in Snowdonia National Park.

The main building had no roof (thanks to a rather large tree that was growing out from its floor) so a lot of work was needed to make the premises habitable.

In September 1973, after a lot of work by both professionals and volunteers from all over Blackburn and surrounding areas, Bron-y-Gader opened the doors to its first guests.

Without electricity, mains water or telephone, Bron-y-Gader was truly a place that allowed young people to develop without the confines of everyday life.

Over the years, improvements have continued to be made to the property. Today the centre has mains electricity and ground sourced filtered water which has improved the quality of the accommodation for visitors, while maintaining the original rustic, outdoors feel.