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The centre is hired out for single group use (see here for current availability). The costs to hire the centre for your group are as follows:-

Normal rate

Discounted rate - for schools, Duke of Edinburgh's Award groups and recognised young people's organisations only (at the booking officers discretion)

For all bookings:-

EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging

We are investigating the installation of EV Charging Stations.

In the meantime, if you charge your vehicles using our standard 13 amp (3kW) electric sockets, we expect you to declare the fact to us immediately after your stay, telling us the total number of hours you had each vehicle on charge and we will then add an extra item for EV charging to your final invoice using the electricity rate we pay (currently £0.53 per hour for a 3kW/hr charge).

Winter months

Due to its remote location, the centre is normally closed from the beginning of December until the end of February with the water supply turned off and drained down to prevent damage to the water pipes. These dates may vary due to the weather (i.e. a prolonged winter may delay the resumption of the water supply).